Kiwanis Starter Guide

Kiwanis is a community service organization with over 550,000 members in 80 countries. If you are familiar with Circle K, which consists of 12,600 college members, or Key Club, which consists of 250,000 high school members, Kiwanis in the heart — it truly supports the world’s youth through direct service, guidance, mentorship, and quite a bit of money. One of many efforts, the Eliminate Project, has raised $110 million to purchase and distribute tetanus vaccines globally.

Our main resources:

The above is our social media page, which is easily our most active and comprehensive resource.

The above is the website for Division 44, which we are a part of.

An Overview

  • Citrus Heights Kiwanis supports multiple Key Clubs, including the ones at Mesa Verde and San Juan. We provide multiple $1000 scholarships
  • Citrus Heights Kiwanis supports Coyle Avenue K-Kids
  • Citrus Heights Kiwanis is partnered with the Aktion Club of Aim Higher
  • Our signature project is an Easter Egg Hunt that takes place in Rusch Park every year. It had to be postponed this year due to COVID-19, but it attracts vendors, has entertainment, balloons, high school student volunteers, police volunteers, and literally a thousand eggs.
  • Our main fundraisers are an annual crab feed, and Swing Fore Kids Golf Tournament. Bradley Miller is our acting fundraiser chair and sponsors other projects as well, such as olive oil and a recent Panda Express fundraiser
  • Because of Bill Hooper and a few others, our club gets to play a big part in the Kiwanis Family House, which provides cheap housing to people whose loved ones are being treated by the hospital nearby.
  • An interclub is when four of our members visit another Kiwanis club, with the goal of visiting every other club in the division at least one time each. More information can be found here

A Few Additional Highlights

  • Past president Bradley Miller worked alongside past president Katie Wilkins to spearhead the founding the Kiwanis Club in Fair Oaks
  • Last year our president, Katie Mae Escajeda, co-hosted a joint community service event with the Kiwanis Club of Carmichael: They brought entertainment and hundreds of gourment-quality cookies for a free cookie decorating event. Everyone was welcome to attend, and lots of parents and children took advantage of what it had to offer.
  • Kiwanis is everywhere. We are in Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova…and that is just our division. We are in the Bay Area. We are in Taiwan. We are in Groveland. We even have a cameo in the last season of Mr. Robot
  • Members of our club, alongside members of a church in Citrus Heights, personally sewed, stuffed, and slip-stitched 75 dolls for children in need. 50 went to the Roseville hospital; 25 went to the Citrus Heights Police Department. Ryan, a former member before he went on to become the police chief in another city, had the idea to distribute these dolls to children who were victims of crimes. Lieutenant Mike Wells, current Citrus Heights police officer, made that dream a reality.